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Friday, April 2, 2010

Need More Proof Why You Need to Prep?

6.4 Billion dollars allocated to 440 Phantom Congressional Districts: Thanks Moe Lane for the video and work put in showing the citizens of the US what is going on in DC.

By the way this time in the video, the idiocy of our elected official is shown when the monies wasted , jobs lost and taxpayer dollars skimmed are all simply explained away because of clerical errors.

Don't you think that once the clerical error was noted, that the funds would be given back to say, you know, the taxpayer?

I have written much about what to prep, how to make homemade items such as deodorant, shampoo, breads, shared gardening, cooking from scratch, and animal tips. Now it is time to really get serious as to the why's one should prep.

We should prep because those who are running the show have banked on Americans remaining ignorant to their blatant theft of our money. No longer are there any shadows in Washington. Everything is out in the open and no one cares one iota what we the citizens think. With that I believe that they have tipped the scales so far that it will take years(if ever) to reset the weights. I also believe that the elected officials smell the sinking(perhaps are willingly complacent in bringing the destruction) and are stuffing their pockets with every grimy bit of coin that they can- American Citizen be damned.

For the record, I claim no political party anymore. I believe EVERY sitting member of Congress should be voted out when they come up for re-election. I also believe that term limits should be applied, as well as the removal of life time benefits(life insurance for one) be removed. This is the same as the job bank the Big Three Unions have...

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