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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prepper's Rewards

Prepping to prepare for any situation does not mean that life is frantic and without relaxation and peaceful pleasures.

In fact, on my journey I discovered something enjoyed by many that have lived before me- the County Fair. Seems like nearly everywhere in the nation sometime from May to October a county fair is held.

In 2007 after raising our simple in town garden my daughter entered one item. She won Reserve Grand Champion, and I saw potential recognition for my efforts to live a more simple, humble life(which coincides with prepping).

Last year I entered many items in many categories. I entered canned food items, dried foods, baked goods...

Some received blue ribbons, some red ribbons, some white ribbons, and a few received no ribbons

My kids have entered for two years now, some baked goods, some hand crafted items.

Simple items

Items unique to our region grown in our tire garden

Roma tomatoes

Squash of many varieties

You see prepping in my opinion, and in my experience does not need to go with fear. I live my life each day prepping for many scenarios-weather related, health related, finance related and what ever, all the while staying focused on the path my family is on.

If one preps without living, what life has been traded for preparedness?
If one preps without the skills to utilize the items one has accumulated, how will one fair in a real crises?

The county fair has been where I have found that all the skills I am learning are recognized as important things. Every month I make things or learn new things to enhance my life on the farm. By late July I have a box of items that I save to enter in the fair. My work and my simple life has value of old. No trophy for everyone, no perfect crafting items that one picks up from a craft store. Nope, just items hand made by residents of the county. The neat thing is that your simple item with crooked lines may be displayed next to a seasoned seamstress, yet when you meet the seamstress she delights in your skill! Your canning skills most likely are new found if you are a prepper, so why not enter the food in the fair. You will be reassured that you on track and doing just fine. If you dried items/dehydrated items enter them in that category.

Oh and for those with animals, you can enter them in the fair. Depending on your county population depends on if you have adult divisions. No matter, find a local neighborhood kid and allow him or her to share in your entry. Many people come to the fair to see the animals, the crafts, the vegetables, and never make it to the rides or snack booths. Don't disappoint your fellow county residents, enter some of your prep items this summer in the fair. You'd be amazed at how that ribbon will bring out the kid in you once again!
Jennifer(30 plus years from kidville but loving life and the simplicity that a county fair blue ribbon offers)!


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

All so true, Jen. I haven't entered a fair since I was showing broilers in FFA (so many moons ago!) but you're right ...prepping gives us that opportunity again. You inspire me, as always. Maybe I will enter some of the categories this year. Maybe some baked goods, maybe some canned goods. It's all for a good cause even if I don't get a ribbon, right?

Humble wife said...

HB-Yes the cause is YOU. We can see what is coming our way, and it is troubling to say the least. So while prepping and learning new skills why not? It is nice to be noticed for our accomplishments. For many years my accomplishments were typical status accomplishments...new house, new car, bling bling bling. Now I get it...and so do you, so entering to receive recognition for a skill you have learned all on your own is INCREDIBLE! Enter away...I am and this year am entering in three new categories that I have not entered in!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Every year when we visit the fair, I say 'Why don't I enter something?' and I always forget to the next year. Maybe this year....

Humble wife said...

Gen- IL this is the year!! wooohooo. I always say now is the time, so why not for entering your efforts? or more clearly the fruits of your labor!!I can't wait to see what you enter!

Cheryl and Perry said...

You have the right attitude for sure! We are living (renting) in a condo right now and have decided to start canning this year as a new Prepper. Do you recommend a particular canning method over another? I saw one that uses steam and having canned way back in the 70s that's a new one for me. :)

Follow me as I build my new blog: organicsandmore.blogspot.com

Humble wife said...

Cheryl and Perry
Welcome to blogging! My study of the steam canners is concerning. Some reviews share that the foods are not brought to the proper temps, and as a home canner I do not wish to make someone ill or worse from using something that may not be the best.

I have seen reputable stores sell the steam canner, but remember walmart sells the good the bad and the ugly as we the consumer need to be more aware of the products we bring into our homes.

I stand with the water bath canner and the pressure canner for my food preservation if I am canning.

Hope that helps!

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