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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Most Important Video Proof for the Need to Prep

This is one of the 535 that make all the decisions over you, me and the rest of the Americans-Rep. Hank Johnson is seen below questioning Adm. Robert Willard about the relocation of 8,000 troops and their families to Guam.

We are in more than a world of hurt as Rep. Hank Johnson D-4th district of Georgia shows us...through his incredible understanding of an island.

This man is not fit to be an elected official, and if I attended the university that he graduated from(with a degree in geology) I would burn my diploma.

Preparing takes on a whole new meaning when you factor in that some are not progressives trying to swoop in communism. No, some are so stupid that we are at risk of harm because of their stupidity.

Take serious this video, as you need to prep in earnest. Now is almost too late to prepare.



Phelan said...

April fool's? Right?

Humble wife said...

Phelan, I wish it was. Nope. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

Outraged Patriot said...

Are you serious? This guy actually said with a straight face he is worried that the island will TIP OVER!?!? I see why you said "some are so stupid that we are at risk of harm because of their stupidity" WOW is all I can say- what a joke our government has become.......

Humble wife said...

Outraged Patriot-Yes, he did say it with a straight face, and if you watch the admiral, you see that the admiral was a bit shocked(he flushed and held back a smile) at this comment.

We all should become outraged patriots...and stand tall for our nation, common sense, and the values that withstood 200 years. No more is all I can say. Oh and to the folks who live on Hawaii, be very very careful during tourist season(sarcasm dripping)

Outraged Patriot said...

Amen Humble Wife! The absolute absurdity of the situation we find ourselves in is beyond comprehension. I don't even get surprised anymore-outraged yes, and sad that so many are as stupid as this paid government official! That admiral should have called him to task but of course that would not have been "politically correct" or some such nonsense. Great post!

Humble wife said...

Outraged Patriot- I have nothing but respect for the Admiral as his position was presenting the case for adding troops and their dependents to Guam. He held his tongue most certainly because what response could he have said? There is no way to respectfully point out to an idiot that they are an idiot. He answered calmly and did not mock the sitting representative.

Now what should have happened was a leak much sooner than this, as we are on the 1st of April. What took so long? You see we still must respect the office that this man holds...and take the power and electability away by sharing this video over and over again. I would use this in election campaigns nationally as this man, Rep Johnson voted for the healthcare too.

I stand solidly beside the Admiral---for him to hold his composure and not openly laugh out loud makes him eligible for a promotion...in my opinion.

The time is now. This is the first of many videos that we need to have all over the internet with our elected officials and their idiocy. I stand behind no party no candidate anymore. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO. NO ONE DESERVES ANOTHER TERM. Then we set term limits and we stand firm in NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE PORK NO MORE PORK...

Clearly Outraged Patriot, you can see I have been thinking about this for a while! :) thanks for the comment, and thanks for the visit!!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Capsize?? Seriously? Wow! (I love your label!!)

Humble wife said...

Gen-IL, Lol on the label! It is my thing I suppose. I think I have more fun with labels than the post sometimes...esp. on the farm blog!

CAPSIZE...I know, what the heck??????

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