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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why We Have to Prep

We need to prep because for a few generations we have had life pretty darn good, and forgot the how to's of real living. All of the dirty work or any hard work has been removed from our presence and we are soft.

For most of us, it was our great grandparents generation that understood how to live. They worked very hard to make life better for their children. This is where the problem began. Now there is nothing wrong with working from dawn to dusk to make a dollar, as there is nothing wrong with wishing to make life better for our children.

What is wrong is that this goal of removing the hardships actually has a downside, as when times get tough only despair, grief and emotional stress happen. We have no clue how to live without. Now you know that this is the truth. When the power goes out what happens in your home? When someone loses a job what happens?(unemployment) When you have only flour, sugar, Crisco and a few spices what can you make(you should be able to make a sweet treat, a bread, with water a white gravy to name a few).

Do you understand what I am saying?

We have to prep because we have lost skills.

Once again, we have to prep because we lost skills.

I remember thinking I was amazing because I made "homemade bread" from frozen bread dough. Don't take this wrong, there is nothing wrong with frozen bread dough(well not in the big picture). What is wrong is that we have no idea how items are made, what they are made of, and most importantly how we can live without it or make it ourselves. That is the problem.

Do you rush to the doctor when someone in your home gets the sniffles? Do you take your car to have the oil changed because you don't even know how to? Then it is time to prep in earnest. Basic doctoring has been lost thanks to the big drug companies. They count on us acting like the doctors are GENIUSES and therefore we are too dangable ignorant to treat simple ailments. For colds and flu- newsflash stay home, rest, and drink lots of fluids.

Prepare to live like our great grandparents did, as they survived the multiple depressions of the late 1800's and the Great Depression of the early twentieth century. I know that if our nation continues on this slope to economic ruin that many Americans will be at a loss. Remember this, the Great Depression was made worse by a government not the people. This time the people and the government will stretch things out for much longer as ignorance takes time to overcome, and while people learn the skills they need, there will be much failure.
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TNTCrazyLady said...

You are right on ;-} Did you know the U.S. suffered several "depressions" prior to the "big one" where there were actually MORE people out of work and loosing their homes? The "big one" was also worsened because of the Dust Bowl which our government chose to ignore for almost 3 years until one of the dust storms brought the dust to DC!

Humble wife said...

TNT- Yes the government exacerbates the problem...purposefully or not. Whereas we the people would rip off the bandaid(per se) and then deal with the quick pain, to then be able to go on. The government is dragging out the misery.

Sure hope people really buckle down and learn some real skills!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

"We have to prep because we have lost skills." Amen, Humble Wife! So true!

Humble wife said...

Gen-IL- I know, and it has been a few years of Prepper University for me!!

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