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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Thoughts

If today life changed as you know it what could you do?
Could you live for any amount of time off of what is in your home/property?
Do you have the means such as seeds and the know how to grow your own foods?
Do you have the skills to treat medical conditions of a various assortment?
Do you have the skills to create your clothing
Can you heat your home without electricity?
Can you protect your loved ones and your home?

These are just thoughts that have been swirling around in my head.

With my woodstove I create ash which is a key ingredient in making soap. I also use the ash to put in my compost pile(when it is cool) which adds nutrients to the soil.

I recommend at least six months of food storage which will get you through to the next growing season, but to be honest, shoot for at least one years worth of food, that you use and rotate out. From these foods you will have labels from canned goods that can be saved as fire starters, and the cans can be used for many things. One thing is to make a votive holder for a candle, as lighting will be important but it will be as important to maintain safety and not burn your home. Tin cans can have the top and bottom cut off and can be laid flat to be used as shingles for a coop, doghouse, or other animal structure. These will add up. You can also make tin can stilts from the cans, as well as teach children telephone. Prepping is all about preparing and using all that you have in every measure.

Items that make it into your trash can should be assessed before it gets tossed. You see the phrase waste not want not, really comes into play.

I am wondering if a bad growing season happens, are you prepared? Do you have any other means of food?

For me, living on the farm provides a surplus of foods from meats, to eggs, to even milk and making cheese. We also have native plants here that can provide foods. Unlike areas that are green, living in the desert requires more planning and acquiring of skills. I studied the local Indian tribes and what they ate to help me make plans for edible foods from the wild.

This post may seem to be a bit rambling but you get the idea, we must prepare for all scenarios, by preparing ourselves. Playing what if's now will prepare you if and when a crises arises.

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