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Friday, March 19, 2010

We're Headed for a World of Inflation

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My advice is and will always be the same, Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to have a food supply on hand to hold you over when you are paid the same wage and groceries cost 50% more than they do now.

If you are new to the prepping, I would suggest buys that get you the most for you dollar, such as dried legumes, and rice. Canned goods next, and dried foods thereafter. Do not minimize comfort foods, but be wise and first put up three months* worth of foods first.

Do not forget that our own president has told us that bad times are coming? Did he say this exactly? No, but he told us that in order to get out of debt we need to spend more money. That is all one needs to know- as this has placed us on the fast path to an economic meltdown.

*I should add that I do not believe that you should stop your food storage once you reach three months worth of storage. I just think that before you buy snacks etc, one should have three months of real food first. Then buy comfort foods, candles and icing etc. I recommend having at least 1 years worth of food storage and seeds to enable you to grow your own foods if necessary.

Buy foods you eat and use your storage in your food rotation.


Felinae said...

Thanks Jen,

Your advice is excellent.

At this end, we need to replenish some of the stored items as we have been having to use them. But the seedlings are coming along great. Hopefully they all produce like crazy. :)


Humble wife said...

Fel- woohoo about the seedlings!! I am certain that they will produce and your garden will be magnificent!!!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great point. Obama's words definitely show us where we're headed. P.S. I love the pantry pic! Pics are so inspiring!

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