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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trial Run: Challenge

Today is the day for a trial run of your prepping. This challenge is serious and you should take this serious as it will be a precursor for what is coming.

From the moment you read this post for seven days do not go to the store. Do not buy anything. Aside from work and business(or school for your kids) do not go anywhere.

What first? Well bring out the ration chart...or for this, you will be using only foods on hands right now. So what meals will you eat? By the way, use up as much of the foods in your fridge as you can...as this is something in a crisis that really happens- loss of foods that are in the fridge and freezer. For this drill you can check the internet for 10 minutes a day, what sites will you check? Do you see how this challenge will work?

Now the biggie, ration your utilities for the week. Eliminate most of the items that are plugged into the walls. Use only 50 % of your lights. By 7 pm no lights. Can you do this? Are you ready? Can you and your family deal with this *fake* scenario?

Here is what is happening at my house and the meals we have eaten so far, as I am on day two(although I did get on chat last night).

~Breakfast: arroz con leche {using milk in fridge, rice from pantry, and spices} home made bread into toast.
~Lunch: Bean enchiladas, dried apricots
~Snack Ice cream...use up perishables during this week.
~Dinner: Rice and chicken casserole{ rice, cream of chicken soup, canned peas, 1/2 pound of shredded chicken} canned peaches

~Breakfast: arroz con leche leftovers.
~Lunch: Ramen noodles and pb and honey sandwiches(homemade bread)
~Dinner: Spaghetti and crushed meatballs{4 cans of tomato sauce, 1 can of tomato paste, spices, 1/2 pound of ground beef, 4 slices dried bread, 2 eggs, spices} frozen corn, cucumber slices with lemon juice.
~Snack/dessert Pineapple upside down cake{1 can pineapple slices, flour, butter, brown sugar, spices}

For us, as we have a well, we are drinking water. The moment a crises occurs plan water at the top of the list. Fill every container if you have none stored or have no well...

~things to pass the time- play a board game, read or create skits(my kids love to do this)
IF YOU REMOVE THE TELEVISION NOW- when a crises occurs you will not feel like life is over. TV is an unwelcome guest in all of our homes. TURN IT OFF. Cherish the time with your family now.

Go to bed earlier and let your body really rest.

The time to see if you can handle a crisis of any sort is not during the crisis. Prepare now. Remember grade school and the fire drills? This week I challenge you to have a prepper drill with your family. The way things seems to be heading sooner, rather than later these drills may be extremely valuable.
(c)Double Nickel Farm


Patricia Mathews said...

Took up the "in the fridge" meal challenge. Last night's meal: an egg scrambled with the last of the cauliflower and the second to last slice of that horrible 2% cheese that tastes like "processed cheese food." The 1/4 cup evap left over from the chicken pot pie poured in a mug, the bottle rinsed out and water added to mug, a packet of hot cocoa mix added, and water from the teakettle. Note: all spur-of-the-moment. Lots more I could have done with more lead time.

This morning: leftover formerly frozen fruit. (Mixed berries.) Made cobbler. Yummy! Wonder if the dried apples could have been added but why bother?

THANKS for challenge!

Humble wife said...

Patricia!!! what an awesome idea...I am going to have cauliflower eggs tomorrow as it sounds yummy!! Not sure if you mixed it, but to me an idea has beamed in!!

I am glad that you joined in, as this challenge will only benefit you!!

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