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Friday, March 26, 2010

Challenge Update

In my previous post I offered a challenge to preppers to see if their preps were enough. The challenge was in a way to see if you could survive on less and live off what you have. So far on the challenge all is going well for my family and I. The kids have had two activities(yesterday, and this afternoon) that they have had to go to, but aside from that all is great.

We have been using up any perishables from the fridge and are enjoying simple activities to keep us content. We are readers and we do not have cable or satellite TV so we have no loss on that...

When a crises occurs what will you do? Will you be able to handle the children without the television? Will they be able to function without the television? Will you be able to use the food storage you have on hand or will you be scrambling to find a cookbook to assist you in making bread from wheat(that you must grind first).

This challenge may not have given any feedback, but I promise you this is one of the things as a prepper you need to do BEFORE a crises arises.

Do you know where the flashlights are? The matches? The batteries? The meds? The needs of a baby? Can you grab items quickly if you need to leave the house? Do you have a prep kit in the car? Do you have emergency cash in the house, the car, and the wallet/or purse? Do you have a planned destination for all family members if something happens- earthquake, tornado, hurricane, wildfire? Have you prepped enough on making several things from scratch that you could do so in a crises? Can you make water potable?

Now back to the challenge! Do you see why it is important to not only prepare, but to experience the prepping skills before the crises? We are the most advanced nation technologically on the planet and because we are, we are without some skills that many worldwide have. We need to get real, get back to basics and learn to apply the prepping we have.

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TNTCrazyLady said...

After reading the Challenge here on New Mexico Preppers blog I got to thinking. I’m in the middle of doing updates to my home to get it on the market. As a result many items are stacked and packed and racked in various rooms of the house while the work goes on. I can’t get to all of my preparedness supplies quickly and easily. Holy Cow! Right now would be the worst possible time for a disaster to hit.

Soo, now I am taking a few days off from working on the house and switching to organizing all this packed, stacked and racked stuff so that I can still get to my preparedness supplies fast and easy.

Earlier this week I posted a related “letter” on this Challenge from HumbleWife. I believe it is worthy to consider during your disaster practice. http://nmurbanhomesteader.blogspot.com/2010/03/act-or-react-need-for-disaster-drills.html

Prep On !

From a 50 Something, soon to be rural homesteading, Prepper ;-}

Humble wife said...

TNT! Well I am glad that you are getting the house on the market- but also glad that you are reorganizing the preps for ready use!

I will update the link good idea!!

Patricia Mathwes said...

You said in your column "Can you grab items quickly if you need to leave the house?"

Because I am not physically strong, I have always been intimidated by the usual go-bag recommendations. Then a friend suggested I start by packing one as if it were an overnight bag. I packed as if it were and I had a destination with soap and water, but no home comforts.

At her suggestion I kept it by my bedside and used it as such at home, replenishing the day's fresh T-shirts, socks, and underwear.

It was such a marvelous idea! I intend to continue it in that vein.


Humble wife said...

Patricia- Awesome...awesome...love this idea. Thank you for sharing, as we need to accommodate prepping to our lives and expectations that we have!

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