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Friday, March 20, 2009

Greenhouses and Mobile Gardens

The life of a prepper should NOT cost extra money. I know that this statement may not make sense, and perhaps you think I am ill prepared for any situation. Not the case, I just learned to prep with the vision of what can this be? This post shares ways to use milk gallons and 5 gallon pickle buckets.

Now I live in the southwest, and the temperatures in the evening can drop below freezing, even after a lovely day in the mid 70's so I created a mini greenhouse to protect my little plants. These are some pumpkins. I covered the bottom of the milk gallon at night with the top of it. When I empty the milk gallons I cut it in half and store it until I need it. These are reusable of course and so I find them cost effective.

Knowing the ins and outs of growing will enable you to provide foods for yourself even if the weather is not the best.

Here I planted the seedlings and the nights were still a bit cold. So I used the tops to continue with the greenhouses. To hold them in place I use the skewers that you use for cooking, but you can use a stick and run it through the top into the ground, just be careful not to poke the plant.

These are pickling cucumbers.

Another simple method to garden is in buckets. I gather buckets from the local fast food places(M*cDonalds, B*urger King etc.) I then have one of my sons drill 5 or six holes in the bottom and fill and plant. Buckets work great for potatoes and cucumbers, but I have even used them for my herb garden. Remember this about bucket gardens...they are mobile, if necessary.

Food is pretty important...of course so please check out my post on seeds and be sure to by heirloom seeds for your garden and storage.


Bullseye said...

Love this post. I love to see people use what they have to it's fullest, and that you have done. Good job.

Kymber said...

Oh Jennifer - this is the most wicked trick that i have ever seen!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a few of those milk gallons laying around but will never throw out another one! And my husband thanks you for this post too as now he has another reason to go out garbage picking! Oh I am so excited to do this! Thanks girl!

Humble wife said...

Bullseye- I am with you on seeing those use things to the fullest, as I have become one of them!Thank you!

Kymber- when I gather the buckets, I just ask the main manager of the restaurants. I collect two Fridays a month. Believe me the businesses are very helpful.

Joel the K said...

THAT, is brilliant. Thank you - thank you - thank you. I've been saving these jugs for a year, and now I know why. Thank you.

erniesjourney said...

Thank you Jen - what a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

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