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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Am I?

I read this post on Indiana Prepper's site and was a bit startled. You see I am not writing on this network as a panic frenzied person, or a religious fanatic, but one who thinks that it is sound advice to be prepared for whatever calamity befalls you.

I am not naive enough to believe that governments don't spy on their people, nor do I disbelieve folks die suspiciously. But I choose to go forth with my life and simple preparing because without this my family would have struggled. We had a life altering event that made us focus on the here and now, and food, shelter and clothing.

I see that times are heading down a slope economically and feel the need to share with others that one can survive something quite traumatic and go forth. I have learned how to do tasks that would shock you. I mean I live in the United States for goodness sakes! You see that is what prepping should be about. Getting over our pride and understanding that without some moxie we too could end up in a sport's stadium. Preparing for the worst and expecting the best is a lifestyle that we should all adopt.

Once I read the post I thought, wow, am I that threatening to others that I may need to be quieted?

Well let's see, I am humble, simple, short, not the thinnest gal on the block, over forty, and I have a brain and I use it. Perhaps that is the threat. Perhaps learning to provide for oneself and not expecting another to take care of you, becomes a threat when group thought is the norm.

I am you by the way, if all you do is choose. Choose to learn skills that will enable you to take care of yourself.


Kymber said...

What an interesting post Jennifer...and I hope that this makes sense.

I am You - I am You several years ago...you are Ernie...Ernie is You several years in the future...make sense?

The only difference amongst the three of us? (Oh Ernie - I know that you are going to love this!) Well, the difference amongst us...and I am not trying to make you feel left out or anything but ... me and Ernie already have tinfoil hats made for ourselves, our husbands and our pets (for me - I made tinfoil hats for my cats - Ernie made tinfoil hats for her chickens!)

And yes Jennifer...there is a chance that you could be perceived as a threat. Because you have knowledge that you are willing to share. Go ahead girl...be threatening!

erniesjourney said...

Oh Gosh! I love it! Check out the blog later and I will have a big surprise for you guys! LMAO just thinking about it bwahahahahaha! I will post on something too that goes along with this topic that we all need to be aware of! Prep On buddies!

Bullseye said...

Hey Jennifer, first let me say Welcome to the Network, glad to have ya. And I thought the whole time reading this post that you were talking about me... I too feel the same way, time to get ready as best we can with what we have available to us now. I also notice you have my blog linked on your sidebar..Thank you.

Humble wife said...

Kymber- thanks "I get it!" Yes it is a progression...to this lifestyle

Erniesjourney- I saw and understand the tinfoil!!

Bullseye-thank you, and yes it is time to get ready. I pray for those ill prepared that they will get it, as I believe that time is rapidly running out.

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