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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello from Southern New Mexico!

Well I am glad that this is not a public speaking engagement because I can barely think of how to introduce myself!

Let's see, my name is Jennifer and I have been married nearly 21 years. I have been blessed with four incredible children(well now young adults). My oldest is in the US Army and most likely will be heading to Afghanistan by late summer. The younger three are still at home.

I am the daughter of a soldier killed in Vietnam two months before I was born, wife to first generation American, and I deeply love this land.

My path of preparedness began with my mother's frugal ways, which on 1 January 2005 all came to a head, when I had to step up the plate and walk the walk. Why? Because my husband had an accident that permanently disabled him. We went from 14 years in law enforcement(moving up the ladder) to a job change and a huge salary cut. I then had to decide did I marry the man or the money?(I will inject here that I am deeply, madly in love with my sweetie!)

So we adjusted our lives, decided that we could afford to move to a fixer upper and provide for many of our needs from a farm life. We haven't reinvented the wheel, by any means.

I think my writing here will let you the reader know that if we can transition to a very slow paced simple life, all the while weaning oneself from the world, anyone can. I am not suggesting that the world is bad, but Big Brother is working hard to not allow you to sever the tie, and that unless you learn now, the time may pass.

I also believe that preparedness is not because one sees the evil in government or that one is paranoid. Instead I see the prepping lifestyle as an incredible way to live. The box has always been too small to fit everyone, so with the option to think otherwise is great.

I could or should have said that I would keep this intro short(too late:), but I will share my main blog Double Nickel Farm. This is a general blog filled with family, politics, and preparedness...

I do plan on posting links of things going on that continue to chip away freedoms we enjoy, tips on cutting away things one things that they may need, food storage goals, gardening food and medicinal herbs, making your own toiletries, cleaning and well a lot more.

~and I will admit I do love feed back, so feel free to comment!


Pistolmom said...

Very interesting life you have led. Thank you for sharing.

Kymber said...

Woohoo - Jennifer is here! So glad to see you on the network! I really enjoy your approach to prepping and thank you for sharing your story with us! I am looking forward to more posts here and will check back often!

Welcome Jennifer!

Humble wife said...

Hi Pistolmom- thanks for stopping by, I am going to swing by and check your link out!

Kymber- can I say thanks all because of you:)!!

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