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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Nitty Gritty Details of Your Storage

In preparedness some things are overlooked because of priority. Most preparers think of the Big Three: Food~ Shelter~Clothing, which are extremely important and brush over the details. Today I am going to go into one of the details, that if overlooked will cause problems in a stressful time. You see preparing for all manner of situations makes the best Prepper, whether it is natural or man-made, some things overlooked will tax even the most determined prepper.

What could be overlooked that could cause such duress? Well we cannot shut off going to the bathroom...When you stock up on foods and meds, have you stocked up on toilet paper? No matter how much you stock up, toilet paper goes fast. So then what?

Now I will not go into digging an outhouse today, but here is a link for you to go over, if times come to where you may need to build your own. But I am going to go over something that I first laughed at. Cloth wipes! Yes, we must never forget staying clean, even in a crisis, as if we don't our health and well being is at risk. Cloth wipes are an alternative to disposable toilet paper and in a crisis may be something good to have in the storage room. Here is a link that shares some easy wipes and how to use them(the picture gives you an idea of how to make your own). I would also suggest having one separate color wipe for each person in your group, so even after washing the wipes they go back to the same person.

Now on to another part often overlooked in a crisis: feminine products. If the world changes overnight then knowing that one can use an outhouse and use cloth wipes will make all the difference, such is the same as cloth menstrual pads. This link shares how to make your own, or have on hand for your family. Once again, we can stock up until we spend all we have, and it is not as impacting as knowing another method to bypass the need for a refill.

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring with government so frantic with the race towards socialism, I prefer to learn as much as possible that makes me prepared without spending money I do not have.

Save space and add to your storage, cloth wipes, feminine products(if you have women in your group) and even cloth diapers(if you have youngsters or are in the child birthing years).

Once again I stress that knowing this is an option and having the cloth products on hand is exactly like knowing how to plant and grow your own foods...it gives you the knowledge and understanding to take care of yourself!



Kymber said...

Oh girl - YOU rock! Your approach to prepping is refreshing and your knowledge and experience has a definite place to live here in the network! And now I am off to check out those links!
Keep up the awesome work you are doing here!

Humble wife said...

Kymber- thank you, I am just sharing things I have learned on my simple journey!

YankeePrepper said...

Great post! I have seen this link to the cloth wipes, and plan to try making my own. It is very difficult to store enough toilet paper unless you have a warehouse somewhere, so this idea makes a lot of sense.

Humble wife said...

Yankee Prepper- yes a warehouse would be needed to house the tp! I am still a believer in tp, and will enjoy its softness, but I do believe in being prepared. So I will enjoy this *luxury* for as long as I can:)

American Prepper said...

Welcome Humble wife. I seen this about the cloth wipes before over at Tennessee preppers network and was kinda grossed out about it, but now you really got me thinking....It would be much grosser to not have the cloth wipes and then run out of toilet paper!!

Thanks for the post..
p.s. You now have admin access to customize your site


Humble wife said...

Thanks Tom...it is a gross thing to think about, but I do not wish to use leaves to wipe and moss like the Natives used to for feminine issues. So gross as it is, in an emergency this is imperative.

Thanks for letting me change the colors!

American Prepper said...

Oh man, great point there!! Leaves? No way!!! I'll take the cloth wipes any day.

Humble wife said...

American Prepper---yes, when it is put in context, cloth wipes DO have a place in our storage!!!

Have you seen where I live? Mostly the Mesquite tree with 1-2 inch thorns...cloth wipes are in my storage!

Kymber said...

bahahaha! oh Jenn - stock up on cloth wipes!

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