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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seed Companies

I am sharing the links that I used this year to buy seeds for my garden. Each of the below listed companies was extremely nice and my order was processed quickly.

Onalee's Home Grown Seeds and Plants- I bought loofah seeds and cotton seeds here, in addition to a few standards.

Victory Heirloom Seeds- they have many seeds that are less common. I ordered tomatillos and ground cherries here with several other seed packs.

If you go to Double Nickel Farm and click on the link to Mountain Rose Herbs(because I get a teeny tiny payment if you go to their link through me) you can buy herbs and spices. I ordered nearly $40.00 worth of seeds from them, including the Medicinal Herb Pack.

We lived in town for a few years saving and preparing to buy the farm. Here is one side of our garden that we grew at the rental property. In town water restrictions permitted us to water only one day a week, and we still had a substantial crop. We began in February and harvested our bumper crop in late November. This is truly the main reason that one lives in the southwest because of the long growing season.

This was an early picture...

This is the same shot(more of a closeup) a few months later. We grew a tremendous amount of food here. By the way, notice the dirt, as without water or rain...nothing grows!

*If you haven't tried your hand at growing something for any reason I say that this is the year for a change. I included the photos of our city garden so you could see that even in an urban environment one can still have a garden.

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