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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Storage

I have linked a food storage calculator in a previous post, but decided to explain some more about food storage, and what you should have on hand. This post is going to be about tomato sauce. Often times we think that we need to have food storage that last a long time. I am very simple. I do understand the need to have long lasting foods, but the practicality in me believes that your food storage should be able to compliment all meals and meets the daily food requirements.

Tomato sauce is one of those foods that does just that. And let me mention another key that I use when filling my food storage: the most for the least amount of money. Tomato sauce in my hometown costs anywhere from 5 for a dollar to the best of 8 for a dollar. That is a good deal.

But what can you make with this item?
Spaghetti sauce
pizza sauce
spicy sauce- make like salsa, but add the juice of two limes, and cayenne pepper
tomato juice(see my v- link)
Spanish rice
Albondigas soup
burrito sauce- add spices and boil down with a bit of water
taco sauce- same as burrito

well that list is not inclusive, but one a list of what I make(I am sure I am forgetting some things)...but you see the versatility. If I had say spaghetti sauce, I have a few options: spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and I go through the list and show that the base- tomato sauce is the one that has the most options. For me as I began to use a food storage system and cooking more and using meals and food kits less, I discovered how easy it was to have a few items go very far. I will admit I have spaghetti sauce, and I am not against ease foods. I have some in my pantry. I am just sharing for those another way to see the potential in foods that may have not been considered as valuable long term.

The picture is of a portion of my pantry, as Indiana Preppers did such a good job sharing how far they are in their food storage, I realized that we need to be open and share. We are the strength for others! Check out the Canadian circuit of bloggers over the next week or so, and I bet you will be able to have a complete picture of my pantry, as I am going to share my food storage in a like fashion as IP did! Thanks for the good idea.
(c)Double Nickel Farm

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Marie said...

The Spanish rice might end up on my table some time very soon--I'm finding useful tips/recipes from you everywhere today, (over at Canadian Prepppers, for example) so thank you very much!

PreparingMama said...

I have a large family (10 members). I buy tomato sauce in #10 cans at a local warehouse store for just over $2.50. I can make very large batches of sauces and can them, inexpensively.

This year I have planted a garden and have 10 tomato plants. I hope to be able to make some homemade goodies from the sauce up!

Worn Out said...

Love this post!! Tomato sauce is the must have, do all staple.

Kymber said...

Great post Jennifer and i too will be trying that spanish rice recipe - it sounds yummeh!
and to all readers - her pantry is slowly showing up all over the CPN!!! and we are very thankful for her help over there - thanks girl!

Humble wife said...

Marie-thanks for stopping and i am glad that the recipes are helpful! Thanks for dropping by!

Preparing Mama- I am certain that ten plants will provide you with an abundance! I love moms of many! Yay! thanks for stopping by!

Worn Out- Boy I do agree...thanks for visiting here!

Kymber- you will love the rice! You are welcome... and soon I wil have published a good portion of the pantry.

Kymber said...

yes Jen...it seems like soon...ALL of canada will know exactly what is in your pantry - bahaha! thanks so much for all of your help - you have NO IDEA how much we appreciate your efforts!

and we will pay you back someday my darlin...oh...we will!

i love your posts gurl!

Humble wife said...

Kymber- I probably will link the series when I am done. I am writing them based on the pictures I took. So I am not sure what I will write about until I see the photo.

Pay me back? Lets just pray that we succeed in getting people into prepping. It is so easy now and could mean their very life later!!! But who knows? Perhaps some Canadian snow!LOLOLOLOl

erniesjourney said...

Wonderful!! Wish my shelves were as sturdy as yours - I am envious! Will be adding shelving soon - I just have to learn patience!! LOL! We have sauce and stewed tomatoes and cannot wait to can our own soon! Thx for recipes!

Humble wife said...

Erniesjourney- every shelf in my pantry is recycled...the tomato sauce shelf is a closet door cut down. Trust me it is all piece meal by a now 16 year old for his mom!

Yes patience is the key, as this past weekend my son added a few more shelves and I was able to rearrange!! That was a workout in itself!

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