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Friday, April 17, 2009

Link for Water Storage and Prep

Here is a great link on Water Storage, Self Reliance and Preparedness:
Down To Earth


Anonymous said...

Here's a tip you might find strange, or even somewhat amusing, but it's for the guys, and it could prove more important than you would think. Guys- go to a sports store and get yourself a comfortable-fitting cup. I'm not kidding- think about it. If there's ever any sort of collapse and the attendant civil unrest or street crime, it's cheap insurance against a debilitating blow. Imagine you go to the grocery store and some punks decide to liberate your supplies from you in the parking lot as you leave. Yes, of course you'll fight, but all of your preps, the supplies, your money, even your life could be for nothing in a heartbeat if some miscreant lands a lucky kick.

I always tell my students only a couple of basic things- wear somewhat baggy pants that you can conceal things in and move easily in, fight viciously and like all hell is breaking loose, and then split the scene as quickly as possible. And wear a cup. Oh, and check to see if the other guy is wearing one, preferably with your shin or boot. Remember, there are no "Marquis of Queensbury Rules" in real life confrontations. You're not a couple of high school kids duking it out on the football field after school over cute l'il Mary Lou- these are going to be people who want to take what you have away from you and may not give a damn if you recover from their attempts.

Just a thought to help you prepare.

Kymber said...

Freakin awesome link Jennifer!

and Anonymous 12:44....wow! that's some great thinking you got there! if you are ever interested in posting some more of your awesome thoughts - i am sure that Jennifer would jump at the chance to have you! but just in case you got a soft spot in your heart for Canada - my friend - we could use your kind of thinking on the Canadian Preppers Network too!
bahahahaha - oh Jennifer is gonna kill me for trying to woo you over to the CPN!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kymber-
I always have a soft spot for Canada; my bug out spot is northern Minnesota and I've spent many happy times in the Boundary Waters. My specialty is trying to point out the little things that are often missed when prepping, to help keep the "forehead-slapping" moments to a minimum later on. I also enjoy finding potential ways to frustrate the jack boots and petty criminals as well (am I being redudant?), since, after all, they are often not the brightest bulbs in the string.

What I think we are in serious need of is a well thought out and somewhat "universal" creed or pledge to guide preppers in their dealings with one another. Almost a mini-Constitution that we all agree to abide by. If chaos erupts, it might save a lot of frustration (and even lives) if we know that others on the same wavelength will abide by a code of conduct and support each other. Anyone care to take a shot at putting something together, or making a discussion board for this purpose?

Benjamin Franklin said...

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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