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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Tip

A prepper commented that she would make her pantry better when she had more$$...so I thought I would share my secret to building projects on the farm. We have a friend that works construction and he gives us all the leftover lumber from any current sites.

We use the leftover plywood doubled to make the pantry shelves- just a bit of paint and they transform to something that is amazing.

FYI on construction sites, when they are tearing down buildings also are willing to give stuff away. At one site, I stopped by when I saw a cast iron tub just about to be bulldozed. The men stopped loaded the tub in my truck and even went into a small house (with me) and tore a magnificent sink with beautiful fixtures off the wall for me(they date from the mid 1930's).

We also have tin roofing for most of the barns and pens salvaged from construction sites. Trust me, this is a tremendous arena that is often overlooked! I know I have not shared a portion of what we have received. To stucco, construction uses a chicken wire and to date we have not bought ANY chicken wire for our nearly 70 plus birds...we have a turkey pen, two duck pens, two geese pens, and the chicken coops.

Remember preppers have lots of reasons to salvage items, and use their cash for more important things. (come on we are not politicians right?)

SALVAGE reuse and SAVE...$$$$$$$$$


Anonymous said...

Great ideas. Being able to make due with what you have rather than pine for what you haven't is really the core of being well prepared.

Also, thanks for tuning me into this, I know a few people who would like these links. Or so I say now, I'll probably rethink this when I'm in the middle of yet another construction project :p

Kymber said...

Awesome tip HW!!! My hubby usually goes garbage picking throughout our neighborhood but i will tell him to start going to construction sites! Thanks!

Humble wife said...

CC- thanks for the comment and yes, making due is extremely important!

Kymber- I can envision your husband on the bike as I type! thanks for commenting!

Joel the K said...

Wow, you are very resourcful! So many birds. That is fantastic. Great post.

erniesjourney said...

Great idea Jen - I will check into that! Shelves and lumber are so expensive anymore and I would rather spend the money on preps - but free stuff to make shelves would be a bonus! I don't care what they look like as long as they work - thank you!!! :)

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