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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pros and Cons of City Dwellings

Water is key in any crisis situation.

Here are two articles on water rationing in major cities...Mexico City and LA.

The reality is that control over utilities is NOT yours anywhere, unless you have solar and a well. But in the city you have to compete with the greater good(so to speak). When we lived in Nevada, 100 miles from Las Vegas, our county was losing the battle to ownership to the underground water table to you guessed it: the CITY. But keep this in mind, the casinos had full access to the water, whereas water rationing was in full force in the communities. This is crazy.

City life has everything at one's fingertips...but in a needed situation you could be brought to your knees for a sip of water that is handed out. You cannot ever store enough in an environment that is dependent on the government for distribution.

Just my thoughts...


Kymber said...

I have made major fears about water for almost 2 years now - no one thinks I should worry about water as we live in the nation's capital and Canada is full of water! But last spring I discussed my fears with my hubby and we sprung right into action - we re-directed all of our rain gutters to 3 rainbarrels (able to hold 60 gallons of water when full). We also bit the bullet and saved for a Berkey water filtration system. This set-up has brought me much peace as we now use rainwater for all of our drinking water and because we get so much rainfall up here - the rainbarrels are constantly overflowing! And then we learned a nify little trick this winter - we could melt snow and run the melted snow through the Berkey - and one thing we also got a lot of in Canada is snow!

tweell said...

So true. Doing without communications? No problem. No electricity? We can manage. Billions of people don't have those. Water, on the other hand...

Humble wife said...

Kymber- sounds like you have a tip to share!

Twell- yes that is for sure, and a bit worrisome without some serious plans.

erniesjourney said...

Controlling utilities is one more way that TPTB try to gain hold of everyone. Get aportable swimming pool to store water. There is also an adapter for a drill that will pump water from a well - we plan on getting this nifty little gadget soon! And, like Kymber, we have a rain barrel too! Stock up on water - doesn't matter how as long as u have it - great post Jen!

Worn Out said...

It's also hard to protect yourself in city environments. New York's strict gun laws are a perfect example.

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