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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Road Blocks in the US

I am still here, just a bit busy. I am revamping my farm blog so it is closed for a bit to rearrange some things(and go through the nearly 150 comments)...I have a 'friend' that is not too fond of farm wives-farming- self sufficiency-me not being on welfare- not being on foodstamps, and instead of not bothering to comment- leaves me lovely/ nasty comments. If I wasn't in the midst of spring on the farm I would be able to do everything in an afternoon, and go through the comments.

I am a bit humbled by the NWO conspiracy becoming mainstream truth, funny this has been a truth for me(and others) and of course the NWO for a good while. Times are progressing so fast that it is almost hard for me to wrap my mind about it.

I maintain my direction that prepping must be a lifestyle, in addition to planning a bugout scenario, one must have plans to reside where you are with the implementations you have already instituted. I pray that we need not ever relocate, but I have that on my mind, as Hurricane Katrina caused many to move permanently.

Taking inventory of where you are in your prep is a must. I believe real scenarios of this economy are losing many things we consider normal now. I believe that inflation is on its way, and your salary may not change but the price of bread may rise to prices that would make us vomit. I am not one that is an alarmist, but more of a realist that plans far ahead for a zillion possibilities. Things that I believe that many may reduce or eliminate in their lives to make ends meet will be items such as snack foods, DVD's, books, decorative items for the home, vacations, new clothes, jewelry, dental care, bottled drinks, organic anything, and on and on. Do you remember Carter? My older brother remembers wearing the same plaid jeans(it was the 70's) every day for school, and had a pair of play pants for home. One pair of pants for an entire year. My step dad was a professor at a local university, but before the recession, the lifestyle we had was extremely comfortable, and the bills kept coming, while the value of the dollar was reduced.(I blocked out much of this because I had bellbottom pants that were of square floral
nonsense. I hated them, enough said)

Here are some links that I have used and have found extremely beneficial.

Canned butter
Canning anything
glass bottle lamps
Goat milk butter
Pumpkin fruit leather
Making food storage bins for the pantry
Homemade grain mill
Medical remedies
Burn remedy
Shelf life of foods

And this is a must see, and this is from the 1980's...YOU WILL BE AMAZED AND SHOCKED AT HOW EASY IT WAS TO GET US TO THIS POINT...

I will be back in swing soon. I confess that it is hard to stay focused as so many seem to be so blind to what is not coming, but upon us. I mentioned to Tom I had some ideas then have not got back to him, so here is one of my ideas to help the preppers.

~pick five prep sites per day, in a rotation of 10- 13 days you can hit all the preppers and leave a comment. Comments are pivotal to our emotional well being, YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS TRUE, so make the sweep to those like minded. Everyone on the prepper circuit understands the reality of what is happening to our nation and the world...no negotiation is needed, no long winded stories, they are already on board- so challenge yourself in your day to leave a comment, as it is very hard to grasp how fast things have changed. For me, my sadness is monumental, as my father was killed in combat 2 months before I was born, and I ache thinking of where we are today and how very different our nation has changed in the 42 years since his death. So leave a comment, even a smiley face :) to let other preppers know we are there for eachother. You know that many see us a wackos, so the very notion of prepping is incomprehensible to many (we are a small number- but don't forget the NWO was a conspiracy in November, now it is mainstream- so perhaps attitudes towards us may change :?)

I have rambled much- thank you for including me in the Prep Circuit and thank you in advance for your comments.

***Oh and the Title??? It was my way to get you to swing over, and is of no importance to what I wrote(I just wanted you all to swing over to NM for a moment:)
Humble Wife


American Prepper said...

The Title sure got me over! Good Job...Good Idea about spreading the comments around :)

Humble wife said...

Thanks American Prepper! I appreciate your comment:0)

Help U Prep said...

Great find on that video and the other links. And you are right, the comments do inspire us and we should take the time tell each other that we are appreciated. You are doing a great job!

rock2fox said...

Keep up the good work. NM might be the place to go for our family.

Humble wife said...

Hup- thanks and I say likewise to you! The video is humbling and knee knocking to say the least, and if time permitting one should watch all the parts to the interview.

Rock 2 fox-- Jump over to my farm blog and look around, as the desert can bloom with some effort and it is remote and well has a growing season of around 9-10 months. Housing is very very affordable!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

The mention of bell bottom pants brings back early, early memories for me. I wore them, but I wasn't old enough to say I didn't want to wear them or to know the difference.

Joel the K said...

I have to go to the mill. When I get back I am going to watch the 16 minute video. You are really doing a great job with this New Mexico Preppers website. I will tell you what I feel about the video after I watch it. Thanks for the links.

erniesjourney said...

Great job Jen! When you change your life enough to become a prepper - the rest of the BS goes out the window - I can not tell you the last time I bought something "fun" - its been all about survival for the last year. Our motto here is "if you can't use it for prepping then we don't need it."

Humble wife said...

Jennifer-oh how fortunate for you!lol

Joel the K-thanks for the comment:0)- the video will knock your socks of with how easy it was to change our nation-sadly.

Erniesjourney-hello yay! good motto and yes, it is time to have a reality check!

Joel the K said...

Oh how well they did their job. And now they have their people in the highest places of government. What a film.

Humble wife said...

Joel the K- it was a complete direct take over by being as patient as a saint. These people know what they are doing and it is almost checkmate.

Herbalpagan said...

I'm glad I followed the link and checked in on you here! Great job!

Humble wife said...

HP welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

SciFiChick said...

Wow! Great post....I love the Title! hehe nice touch.

I have to agree about the postings of comments, although I have been guilty more often than not about not leaving one. And I ought to know better!
Sometimes just knowing that someone is actually reading your blog makes the difference in a persons choice to continue. I have seen many people just quit because they didn't feel they were making a difference. What a waste of good knowledge.

I love the idea about visiting prep blogs in "rotation" as it were.
Thanks again to you and to Tom for the link over.

Hey I'm just sayin...

Humble wife said...

SciFi Chick- well I am glad you liked my crazy title!

You are so right. Knowing that another is reading makes a difference! I pray that preppers stay strong...and the positions are filled!

Glad you like the rotation to comment, as it has worked for me so far!

lynnaea said...

The video is great -- I linked to it off my blog (www.senseandself-sufficiency.blogspot.com) and gave you credit and a link. :) Blessings!

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