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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homemade Deodorant

Can it be so easy to make a product at home that is like what you buy at the store? Will the homemade product work? Is it hard to make? Is it really cost effective to make at home? The questions I have written go through my mind every time I research making something at home. In addition I have been researching making things that have limited preservatives or chemicals as I am unsure exactly what side effects they may cause me. I have been amazed at what things are in items that we use on a daily basis, and although I am neither a doctor nor scientist, wonder if the rise in cancer is the result of chemical overload.

I make my own toothpaste, hairspray, shampoo (not sold on its ease so still working on) hair gel, facial cleanser, soap, and as of today deodorant! Yes, I made my own deodorant today. I will confess that not wishing to smell has been the reason I have delayed making deodorant. I ran out of deodorant the other day, so I decided to get over my worries and just make it-pass or fail.

Wow, making deodorant has to be one of the easiest items I have ever made. The process took around 8 minutes, and 4 minutes was spent washing out my old deodorant container.

Empty deodorant container

The ingredients:
1/4cup corn starch
1/4 cup baking soda
1-2 TBSP coconut oil

Mix the dry ingredients first and slowly add the coconut oil mixing with your hands. The coconut oil is the bonding agent and you do not need too much to make the deodorant the same consistency as store bought. Then fill the empty deodorant container.

Here is the finished product! It has no smell and works wonderfully.
The total cost to make this:
coconut oil= around 10 cents
baking soda= around 5 cents
corn starch= around 10 cents
empty deodorant container=free
total= 25 cents! Amazing

And for the record the baking soda is the odor fighter, the corn starch keeping dry, coconut oil bonding agent-3 ingredients safe and simple.
(c)Double Nickel Farm

I wrote this post for my farm blog. You see for me prepping and living simple are the same thing. I am preparing on relying on my brain to make things for my family, if and when I can no longer go to the store anymore. Once I discovered the volume of chemicals and garbage in so many products, I threw myself into this full force. You see even if the world changes and our economy tanks I am still me and wish to maintain some normalcy. In any crisis, comfort items do make all the difference. Having clean clothes, being able to wash up are stabilizers for many of us. If you prep long term it becomes a lifestyle and then making every day items become a snap!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love this!!!
Making your own cleansers and bath products!! I'm not very handy at these things so I need all the help I can get.
This is a good vein for posting. I'm going to print out all these kinds of posts and keep a binder of them -- just in case.
This is just what preppers need, I think it's going to be a case of too expensive before too long and if we can make these things ourselves it means more money for food and such necessaries.
Thanks a lot

Humble wife said...

Ye Old Furt...I love this deodorant and so does my husband...it has no odor and allows no odor! How cool is that?

Kymber said...

Oh Humble Wife - i can't wait to try this!
This is a great tip for all preppers and i am glad that you jumped up, tried it and then took the time to share the info with us - thanks so much!!!

and also - to all of your regular readers - Humble Wife has graciously offered to post on several of the province prepper networks over at the Canadian Preppers Network - come on over to the CPN and check out more of her awesome posts there!

Our Great Big Canadian Thanks to you Humble Wife!

tweell said...

Interesting. I see you don't go for the anti-perspirant effect, so alum isn't in there. Thanks, I'll have to try this.

Marie said...

This is great information, and easy, so I can actually see myself making this--thanks for sharing it! This has "emergency notebook material" all over it--you can never know too much about how to make your own necessities. That, and I would think that the likelihood of allergies and/or sensitivities with this would have to be very small.... Great post.

The Huffies said...

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soldierman57 said...

Oh what a great post will have to make some this week end.


Humble wife said...

Kymber-do try this...it is so easy !Thanks for the THANKS:)

Twell- once I began this journey, I could not believe how many chemicals are in our day to day basic maintenance. So reducing chemicals has been a big part of my making products.

Marie- yes this is such a good one to have on hand. And it is quick and easy too!

Huffies- thanks for the comment...Huffies has a blog that she uses to redeem coupons and finds great deals and shares them. Feel free to check her blog out. Jennifer

Soldierman57- well awesome...!!!And you are welcome!

Joel the K said...

That is brilliant! How practical.

erniesjourney said...

Thanks Jen - I will try this!!

wvsanta said...

Great post and something I will try out what a great idea thank you so much for sharing.
God Bless

Humble wife said...

Joel the K- this is extremely practical and no chemicals to boot!

ernies journey- yay-you will be surprised!

wvsanta-you are welcome! thank you too!

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