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Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Prepared?

The situation in Haiti really has me thinking a good deal about preparedness. We can never be totally prepared because there are so many variables as to what can happen. But we can be wise. We can educate ourselves on skills that will be beneficial in any situation, any place, any where.

In the past few years I have become wise to living a very simple life. I did not attend any special training seminars nor did I purchase tons of How To Books. I decided to act. My life became a living learning zone and to be honest still is. Did I ever make foods from scratch(you know the old fashioned way instead of say opening a cake mix and baking the cake)? I really didn't, which is sad and very telling of the times we live in. I bought frozen bread dough and baked home made bread that way! By the way I am not judging a lifestyle life like I led before. Instead I am reflecting on the changes or progress we have made as a society that we have lost so many basic skills.

The most obvious thing I have learned is that if it is free or homemade many people will be turned away, as the common thought process is that the store can make the product safer, tastier and better. Have you ever used the Aveeno oatmeal powder in your bath? Do you know how easy it is to make oatmeal powder? Within moments you will have the oatmeal you have in your pantry turned into a powder-yet Aveeno products are sold in great volume.

note the center item, which is oatmeal powder I made by rolling oats between my fingers

Now is the time to implement the prepper plans that you have. Do you think that storing up knowledge and never applying the skills will be beneficial to you? Are you worried that people will think that you are weird- cuz I bet they already do~so what! Are you worried that your life will turn into some pseudo military zone and the niceties will disappear? Well let me assure you that applying prepper skills will be an asset to you, and you should always do the things you have learned. A garden is something we should never have strayed from. We should stop wasting our money on material items. We can still have nice things. Note the soap above. This method is a quick way to extend your soap and provide soap that reduces dry skin...and I make them in autumn cookie cutter shapes. We can still have a lovely life but a new life with our eyes opened to the fragile world that we live in.

We need to start practicing the skills we are learning. Because if we have a major catastrophe occur we need to be able to act instead of wonder where our little file of how to's is.

Another thing about living as you are preparing-if you desire to live in the country start now. Quit talking about when and if, and act. If you desire to be debt free- act. If you desire to live healthier- act. If you desire to prepare for an economic catastrophe- act...now. You see the prepper blogs are a place to garner tips but they are more importantly a place where you can see real people living the walk that they talk. It is possible because we all are implementing the skills now. So now is the time for you~Are You Prepared?

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