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Monday, January 25, 2010

What Have I Done In Prep Nature?

  1. Delivered a goat-and I mean delivered a goat nitty gritty using my small hands in places I never thought they would be...
  2. Collected home grown eggs
  3. read more on mesquite flour and the how to's of using it in baking
  4. Prayed
  5. heated home with only woodstove heat-btw the weather has been FRIGID this year.
  6. plotting and planning the year of the tree on the farm...
That is about it...in no particular order. Sometimes living is prep enough. I mean that. We need to sit back and understand that we are preparing for the times ahead, but we must live too.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

You're right. Living, and working on skills, is the most important prep we can do! (Good for you in regards to the goat!!!That's really something!)

Kymber said...

nice to see my friend Gen has already been here!

but i agree - living and working on skills. there's no better way to prep.

and Jen...yer right. they have changed.

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