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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Lovely Getaway for Preppers

One should always have a place in mind to go to in case a crisis requires this. The solitude is a bonus.
Don't forget when planning a lovely getaway to take in to account the needs of your critters.

In addition your getaway should have water.

Another bonus to your getaway would be beauty.

In the most simple of terms a prepper should understand the need for a getaway place. This is not a paranoid notion but one of sound advice. Perhaps like in California one would need a place to head to in the case of mudslides. For those on lowlands the hills are a place to head to in cases of tsunamis. As one who just loves to have multiple plans I found several incredible places that will provide just the right getaway for me and my family. What about you? Have you found just the right place for you and yours?


Kymber said...

oh Humble Wife - we have found our getaway place! and it has taken such a weight off of our minds!

thanks for sharing the beautiful pics! i would love to see all of it in real life - i can't even imagine that New Mexico is a real place! but then i am stuck up here in Canada buried under a pile of snow!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Boy, those pictures are all beautiful! They'd all make great getaways that you'd not want to come home from! Congrats Kymber on finding your getaway!

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