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Saturday, January 23, 2010

It is Saturday

It is Saturday have you done anything in prepper nature today?


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

ACTUALLY ...yes. We lost a big tree in the backyard to the drought last summer. Yeoldfurt cut it down a week or so ago and spent most of the morning cutting it up into firewood size. Tomorrow, we will gather the scraps and haul them to the burn pile. We have a dead pine on the ground also ...another casualty from the drought ...and we'll drag that to the burn pile as well. (Pine is too sappy to make good fireplace wood) If it's not windy tomorrow, we'll burn the brush.

Humble wife said...

Woohoo HB! You guys were busy! We cut firewood today too...and got rid of some clutter!

Felinae said...

Does building shelves and adding to the compost pile count?

ps. (last Saturday we bought 2 cherry trees and 2 blueberry bushes) :D

Humble wife said...

Yes Fel it most certainly does...compost is prepping for the future garden...shelves- organizing...and trees- hip hip hurray!

Kymber said...

sounds like everyone had a good prepping saturday!!!

we made home-made peat pellets out of toilet paper rolls...then filled them with dirt to start all of my seedlings this week!

i am sooo excited!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

That's a new idea for me, Kymber, thanks! I've been saving those rolls to use as firestarters. I stuff them with shredded paper ...we have a neverending supply thanks to junk mail!

A sunny window is my biggest hurdle for starting seedlings but I will do what I can. Great idea!

Kymber said...

WWRWH - i am planning on doing a post this week with pics...i really can't believe how simple they are to make and like you, i had been saving all of my toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for firestarters. but now i have another use for them - woohoo!

Humble wife said...

Kymber I am with HB I cant wit until I see your post. I too use the tp rolls for firestarter...something new all the time!

ckraus111 said...

Didn't do too much Saturday except work on the house so I can put it on the market in spring. However, I did work on an article for my blog on Frugality (http://nmurbanhomesteader.blogspot.com/)
Could have used the tip on the toilet paper and paper towel inner rolls for fire starters! Love that tip ;-}

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