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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Things

In the spirit of money saving ideas, today I am going to share ten things you can do instead of watching television. Television is a huge time waster and does cost money(either satellite or cable). Television also causes the CP syndrome(couch potato syndrome) and the I WANT IT NOW syndrome. You see life portrayed fictionally and think that you need the same things, and fill up with clutter because you cannot achieve the perfection that TV presents...so what can you do in the time you usually slot to sit and zone out?


So here is my top ten items to read:

1. The Bible- I believe wholeheartedly that most of television is stolen from the Bible- if you have never read the Bible you may think I am crazy, but the Bible is filled with the what nots that will make life a living hell(and eternal hell) and the what to do's to make life better. David sent a man into battle(front lines death wish for sure) just so he could sleep with the wife of the soldier...oh and the soldier died, the woman got pregnant and the baby died- talk about drama, weeping, and shock!

2. Louis Lamour Western- I love his works. He died the year I married and the year I discovered him as an author(as my husband had all of his books). LL-books are written with an appreciation for nature, man, woman, and morals and values. He researched the west, lived in the west, lived and studied the Indians in the regions. I have required my kids read several books for their homeschooling as some are stand out for some great lessons. For here I will suggest the Sacket series as my favorite...(honestly I love pretty much all- in fact one book he wrote about was a American soldier(with American Indian ancestry) in the USSR---powerful read for sure!)

3. The US Constitution- boy if we all did this one, we could stand firm in our votes as we would KNOW who really did not believe in our land.

4. The $30,000 Bequest by Mark Twain. I bet you could find it on Project Gutenberg. Want to see how we all were so quick to get in the credit game(ie gambling money you don't have on money you hope to make)...this is a very short-eye opening read. It is one of my favorite reads.

5. Let's stick with Mark Twain one more time. Read the Death Disk. To me it is a great reminder to those that will not make a decision. You see passing responsibility on to another resolves nothing and causes so much headache. Funny the two Mark Twain stories were written a hundred years ago yet are so relevant to today in America with the people and the elected.

6. Powerline a site that is more of a commentary on the day's events. Not heated but seen through a conservative viewpoint.

7. Ace of Spades Updates on news with goofy(sometimes a bit off color) opinions. This site reminds me of high school and the kid you knew would never grow up(and you were glad to think that)...makes me wonder if he is the guy from my high school!

8. Big Government This is a new site that gave attention to the Acorn scandal. No other place seemed interested.(kind of like Drudge with the Blue dress)- and look where Drudge is today!

9. American Preppers Network( pick any state on the side bar and visit and read the tips, ideas and skills they share) and the Canadian Preppers Network(pick on any province)...you will be amazed at the amount of information you can learn from a bunch of people volunteering their time to help others..

and lastly
10. You can read about a real life family that loves each other and is, through the sweat of their own brows, carving out a piece of America for their own. They use more their minds than money, yet life seems to work out fine. It is a place where corny is in...a real honest to goodness blast from the past...my farm blog: Double Nickel Farm.
Don't forget that 2010 is the year of the prepper!
(c) Jennifer

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