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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Garden Gleaned

We knew that the other day we were going to have a drop in temperatures so we picked every plant in our garden clean! We had almost two bushels of green tomatoes still! Now we usually grow tomatoes until the mid to end of November range so this was a bit shocking, but we looked ahead and acted accordingly. This is a preppers mentality for sure. We actually had snow this morning on the mountain- which for us was a blizzard. Please click on the pictures to enlarge and squint your eyes to see the trace snow on the mountain.

In light of the weather I have so many tomatoes I wondered what I would do, with so many green tomatoes. Last year I canned the tomatoes for green fried tomatoes, and we really did not like it, as we are not a big fried food family. So this year, I am making green tomato salsa and a recipe for Mennonite Pickled tomatoes. I will post the recipes if anyone is interested.

This is a picture of the tomatoes soaking in the pickling salt and onions. It smells so good as is, I had to hold back from snacking throughout the day.

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