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Friday, October 30, 2009

We Should Really Be Troubled

I know I just posted this two posts ago, but I was looking at this today while chatting with my brother, and had some powerful things I had not noticed before.

1) Did you know that our Navy is known as " The United States Navy?"---Not America's Navy. This is really bothersome to me.

2) Did you notice that Navy and Global are the lightest or appear like the light is shining upon them the most?

3) Taking the emblem away from in front of Navy and reading the words it reads Americas A Global Navy...

4) For Good can be taken a few different ways- for example, "I am going to take that for good"-forever. A Global force forever?

5) This speculation about the North American Union- or the Amero, seems plausible seeing this new tone of the Navy.

6) A Global Force---does this mean the the Navy will now be under the UN which our global united nations?

You know to me this is all just my thoughts, but I find this recruitment poster repugnant. I think that the constant bombardment of global this, global that, is just a way to lower our barriers when the Global Government does take place. It is going to happen- and this is just another way to prepare us.


American Trucker said...

It's not just the navy...I see it all over the transportation industry like you wouldn't believe...North American This, North American that, Global this, Global that. Not symbols depicting the United States anymore but symbols depicting either North America or a Globe...and it's EVERYWHERE!!! warehouses, trucking companies, factories, billboards, stationary, calendars, You wouldn't believe all the customers I go to that prominently fly the Mexican flag and Canadian flag at the same height as the U.S. Flag. side by side (nothing against Canadians eh? but most of them don't want to be tied to the hip with the U.S. either) This Globalism propaganda indoctrination is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Easy with that tinfoil!!

American Trucker said...

Pull your head out Anon...are you so blind you can't see Globalist propaganda everywhere? How do you explain it? How do you explain the marketing, the laws, the regulations, the propaganda, and everything else that has been going on incrementally to push us towards a globalist one world government? How do you explain it? What are they just doing it for fun or to be cute? I feel so sorry for sheep like you because there's less and less of you everyday as more people wake up and join the tinfoil crowd...soon you will be amongst the few "flat earthers" who deny the truth. My fear for people like you is by then it will be too late for you to wake up

Humble wife said...

Anonymous...I have decided to address your comment in the light...no hiding behind anonymity on my blog. I stand behind my wonderings and thoughts.

Oh and thank you Tom~ I have been busy packing apples...the season has ended so I will respond.

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