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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They Do Not Care So Why IS IT A CRISIS?(Updated)

Government does not really believe in nor care about the environment. It has always been about the money. Al Gore is raking in millions of dollars for his fluff. Eco Green companies are rolling in the dough, and we the folks are paying the consequences.

Our Hollywood
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he's going to sign an environmental exemption bill that will clear the way for construction of the LA Stadium.

Hmm, it brings in big money and a few jobs for a time period, so it is worthy to go around environmental concerns? Here is the flip side that is going to cost all Americans dearly, and for reference it is occurring in California
Farmers throughout this region echo the sentiment that politics, not the drought, is the problem. Most of California gets its water from a huge estuary called the Delta, where two big rivers join in the center of the valley. But so much water was being pumped out of the Delta that a tiny smelt there, an endangered species, is disappearing. So late last year, a federal judge ruled that the amount of water being delivered to the south had to be sharply cut back.
In April, in a sweltering tin shed in the middle of the Westland's water district, about 200 farmers gathered to hear what Tom Birmingham had to say about the crisis. Birmingham is the executive director of the irrigation district. Yes, the drought is a problem, he says, but he believes the much bigger problem is that court ruling.

We are witnessing how the environmental wackos are on both ends of the spectrum. Arnold "pretending" to be concerned for the environment, until bling heads his way, and the nutcases who deny water to the largest produce center of the United States.

Just so you can comprehend what denying water to some po' farmers will do, study the chart below:

Food Facts

California has been the number one food and agricultural producer in the United States for more than 50 consecutive years.

More than half the nation's fruit, nuts, and vegetables come from here.

California is the nation's number one dairy state.

California's leading commodity is milk and cream. Grapes are second.

California's leading export crop is almonds.

Nationally, products exclusively grown (99% or more) in California include almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwifruit, olives, persimmons, pistachios, prunes, raisins, clovers, and walnuts.

From 70 to 80% of all ripe olives are grown in California.

California is the nation's leading producer of strawberries, averaging 1.4 billion pounds of strawberries or 83% of the country's total fresh and frozen strawberry production. Approximately 12% of the crop is exported to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan primarily. The value of the California strawberry crop is approximately $700 million with related employment of more than 48,000 people.

California produces 25% of the nation's onions and 43% of the nation's green onions.

Gilroy, California, "Garlic Capitol of the World," has hosted 2 million at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.

What do you think that this drought(man enhanced) will do to your belly? Will your grocer raise prices because he will have to buy overseas?Yes and while you get angry and upset, remember this, the green movement is an agenda to control the peons. Both you and I are just those peons. Enough is enough! Buying carbon offsets or making exemptions tell us all we need to know. It is not an emergency at all and THEY KNOW IT. When will we stand and stop the insanity? Remember this, if your children are in school they are being taught like good little children that man is the problem and that we should preserve mother earth. To stop the insanity means taking back the schools too.

Oh and for the record, if I were to take anything from this post, it would be this: if my food source is being compromised, I better learn how to adapt and provide some of my own foods, via gardens, animals and the likes as the government is too busy building stadiums and worrying about fish to end the crises they have helped create.

Update: I thought I would insert the actual percent of foods we get from California...and then you can see that the politicians are seeming to create a crisis of hunger...WHY?

California Crops

Artichokes - 19%
Bell Peppers-47%
Tomatoes -94%
Milk & Cream-21%

I put in bold those items over 50%...this is catastrophic folks. By the way, 1/5 of our milk comes from CA and nearly 1/3 of our onions...

(c) Double Nickel Farm


1 comment:

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Isn't it ridiculous! Ugh! We have to eat to stay alive. I guess they know that, though, don't they? Nothing's an accident.....

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