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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Tips Today

I saw the Kentucky Preppers topic and knew I would re post this picture. By the way I did post it on one of my blogs, I just cannot remember where, but it is appropriate, don't you think?

Here is what I wrote about having cloth napkins(aka cloth toilet paper)

On second thought, have you considered building your own outhouse? Here's a working one

No matter what consider all the options when prepping...thanks Kentucky Prepper for allowing me to share a goof pic of a serious prepper's bathroom!!

1 comment:

American Trucker said...

LOL...I remember seeing this pic....Also I remember the cloth napkin post. I doubt I'll forget that! I just linked to that outhouse post too, I got a short segment about outhouses as they are common in my area. Matter of fact wife and I used one for nearly a year.

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