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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What to do with?

Here is a great link that I found for zucchini. We have been blessed on the farm to have a surplus and so I have been doing this with my zucchini.

In case you have an abundance of pumpkins try this link.

My husband brought home a bushel of bananas last night so I am experimenting with some ways to preserve. I have a banana butter preserve recipe and I am going to try and also drying some. Do you have any other ideas?

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to preserving foods. Generations before us seemed to survive by a variety of methods that we no longer use. Don't forget the the new and improved way of food storage is not always the best.


Kymber said...

awesome timing with this post Jennifer! we have been enjoying our zucchini all summer but the only way i knew to preserve it was to make relish - and we are not big fans of relish!!! but by grating the zucchini and putting it in the jars without pressure canning will be a great way to preserve it and still be able to use it in zucchini hummus and fritters!
Thanks a bunch for this!!!

as for bananas - the only way i know to preserve them is dehydrating. here's hoping someone will respond with another way!!!!

SciFiChick said...

Funny this question comes up today. I was just on the phone with my grandmother. She asked me if I had dried any fruit and I mentioned the bananas. She said she takes her bananas when they start to get a little old and slices them then puts them on a baking sheet and freezes them. When they are frozen she transfers them to a baggie and stores them that way. I thought it was a pretty cool idea!

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