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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts(edited to note written Tuesday!!!lol)

I am going to jump around for a bit and share my thoughts. Prepping is not only to prepare yourselves in case your government takes on a new face and changes reality like no other. Prepping is also a safety measure for you and yours in case of a natural disaster.

I am going to address the natural disaster some other time, because I want to write about a government out of control today. My first sound off is not to be politically correct but honest. I live just north of the Mexican border. The border is not and has not been secure. President Bush may have been a real man, but the border was left unchecked. I wonder why?(more later on what I think). I am not here to attack one political party or the other. I am sick of both of them. I see political parties as the most brilliant strategy ever in manipulating a people. You see the common folk divide up on team A, team B, and a few team members for C, D and E, all the while the government bilks all of our money into ridiculous programs. Oh and they also line their pockets, their districts, their whores, their families, and their friends too...

We have royalty in the United States. Yep, we do, and it is not Hollywood either. It is our Political Class- the elected ones that we have chosen to do nothing for us. We separate into Democrats, Republicans, and others and fight about stuff that our Political Class pretends to care about but does nothing to change. Let me give you a clear cut example. Remember I am not trying to debate any issue, and am not interested in the legality or the religiousness of the issue, so please step outside of your opinions for one moment. Here is the example: abortion. If the Republican leadership was against abortion we would have seen real change. You know why? Because we have had 24 years of Republican presidents, and only 12 and 3/4 years of Democrats as president. Now I know that Congress has part to this, but the president is the leader of the free world...and he could not make a difference in saving the lives of now 50 million Americans?

I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Every four years we the people get right into the boxes that they desire us to get into and battle and fight and stand for cause after cause. All the while the agenda of the Political Class is to PLUNDER.

Remember when we bailed out the banks? I know it was a while ago, but lets remind ourselves...we gave banks that made poor lending choices money. OUR MONEY. Then these kindly ole bankers in turn RAISED THE INTEREST RATES on credit, and made it nearly impossible for many people to even get more credit. AND WE THE PEOPLE maintain that we are one political party or the other.

Remember when we bailed out the auto industry? We gave all but FORD money to keep afloat after WE THE PEOPLE had already made our voice heard through NOT BUYING THE CRAPPY CARS. Yet our Political Class usurped us and did what they felt was best. The Political Class even complained when the chairmen of the auto companies flew in their own private jets...BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE WASTING MONEY. HMM who else jets all over the world in their private jets?? Oh that is right members of CONGRESS. We the people continue to maintain that we are one political party or the other. When the cash for clunkers program went into effect...who took advantage of these deals? WE THE PEOPLE...this program screwed the dealers, screwed the junkyards, screwed those who can only buy used cars, and screwed the charities that give donated cars away.

Let's go back further to let you know that our royalty has been busy a long time. Remember the state lotteries? Remember why the government allowed state lotteries? They allowed the lottery because some of the proceeds went to support our public indoctrination centers...oops I meant schools. Holy Toledo the proceeds from the lottery could have changed the dynamic of the very system that we have today in education. Instead the money falls into bureaucratic hands and the children never see it. Oh and we are still driven crazy by the fundraisers to provide our children with band, sports, club after club, and the fill the bus with school supplies drives me CRAZY. Dumping money never solves anything except the need for MORE money. By the way I read a study a few months ago about the average lottery ticket buyer...more than 3/4 of those who buy lottery tickets make less than $30,000.00 a year.

Now to this health care plan that the government is forcing down our throats. This is nothing more than complete destruction of the way of life that we know. It is not for the greater good, it is not to ensure that we are all taken care of....NOPE. This is complete siege to all we know. And if you were an employer and had to pay for a portion of your employees insurance- or you could stop offering insurance and let the employees join the government controlled health care, what would you HONESTLY do? I mean, why pay when other businesses are going to dump their employees too? The insurance industry is the problem...not covering everyone. If I have to buy a band aid from the doctors office I am billed $3.50. I could buy an entire box of band aids for that price. But my insurance pays it so who cares???? If I have dental insurance and develop periodontal disease, will the insurance cover this? Nope, only about 1/4, even though the periodontal disease can lead to heart disease and other issues. The insurance industry has manipulated the system quite cleverly and lobbied the heck out of our Congress to NEVER make one change against them. Now Congress is trying to feign shock and outrage against the insurance industry...and WE THE PEOPLE continue to bicker and moan about nonsense...

We need to realize the the divisions we are sorted into are going to be our downfall. Here is how: common sense no longer plays out. The conservative Christian is considered a terrorist. When someone comes to arrest them those who are on the Left will "understand" that the arrest was valid because of the way the Conservative is portrayed. We need to stop this at the base. We need to unite as Americans and stop this political correctness- notice that it is political? Makes you wonder doesn't it?
Well that is enough of my thoughts for the day. What are yours?


SciFiChick said...

Now tell me how you really feel! LOL I'm with ya on this messed up crap.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a very well written, thought out post. Lots of great points and lots of things to ponder. Great job!

pete said...

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