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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


DHS has done WHAT??? Here's a snippet:
The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order for 200
million rounds of pistol ammunition (.40 caliber, hollow-point) over the next
five years for use by its Immigration, Customs and Enforcement

Go here to read Wizbang's take, or here, or here at Gun Reports.

I have news for you readers To Me This is Pretty Alarming News.


lakesurfer said...

GSA contracts for ammo are large, and considering their operations, there is nothing alarming about this. Actually, in the world of government ammunition contracts, this is fairly small.

Its 200 million rounds over five years, or 40 million rounds per year. With 30,000 DHS staff shooting, thats 1,300 rounds per year. Nothing out of the ordinary at all for law enforcement secondary weapons training.

Humble wife said...

actually click on the links- there are about 15,000 ICE employees and not all are licensed to carry a weapon. Oh and the hollow point ammo is WEIRD. I am the wife of a retired LE officer(both civilian and military) and this is a high volume.

We can look the other way and pretend that this is not abnormal but if you took the time to preview the links and then research how many actually will have the ammo we are entering some unusually well stocked agents. Crap- our ICE agents along with border patrol have had their hands tied with wishywashy enforcement legislation AND we no longer refer to this problem as ILLEGAL immigration. Just displaced immigrants or immigrants.

Thank you for your comment and please ponder this once again.

lakesurfer said...

How is hollow point ammo "weird"?

Hands tied or not, they still need to practice, and practice means shooting a lot of rounds.

I dunno why everyone gets their undies in a bundle over handgun ammo. Now if they had a contract for massive amounts of armor piercing 5.56 and other rifle ammo, then I might raise an eyebrow.

Humble wife said...

Because it is more costly and not needed for training.

By the way, you have a measure that may concern you. So what happens if that is the next step? Will you back up further and suggest that it was nothing once again?

You see we have slowly lost sight of reality. Training is one thing, and overkill is another. I question the motives when the entire situation has been flipped. There is no longer a war on terror and Americans are now considered Home Grown Terrorist by Napolitano(oh and when i say this, mind you that the criteria to be on this list is being a Christian, attending a tea party, being angry at higher taxes, and being conservative)

So I sit in NM and ponder this and think- I am the terrorist now on the list, and the panty bomber(on Christmas day) is granted full rights as an American citizen. Clearly the administration sees him as less of a threat then those home grown as MILLIONS attended tea parties.

I am still grateful that you have commented and appreciate your thoughts. Just keep in mind that practice is one thing...and justification is another.

As to undies etc- I could really care a less whether one thinks that this is something that I am oversuggesting- you see, long ago our nation got off track. We sold out our rights one credit card at a time, one toy at a time, to the point where we cannot process what is a right and when the government is usurping our rights.

I wonder as I type in my pajamas late at night, is it really worth standing and sharing prepper tips and links to things unusual that cause me to be concerned---why make the effort? It seems like you could be here writing more clearly and less biased than I, as you have a line of concern much more concrete than me.

lakesurfer said...

Yes that ammo is expensive. But what if you were buying ammo with someone else's money? Well, that's what they're doing, so who cares what it costs? And they'll justify it with, "we train with the that that we use on the lines".

As for your comment on "the next step" ... who said THIS was a first step? I think there are a ton more things going on than a little ammo procurement like this.

Sharing prepper tips, lessons, etc. is of high value, and bloggers like yourself are wonderful for the community. However, I think getting all twisted on a normal ammo procurement is silly. That was my point.

Humble wife said...

Point taken! In fact, to be honest, I am a prepper who has stressed the reality of a crisis much more local that one should prep for.

Not that I wont mention things every now and then when they stand out.


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