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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Items for your storage

Here is a simple list for the storage today:
bar soap(12)
toothbrushes(1 per person)
cotton swabs(you know Q-tips)

1 lb. dried item(such as lentils, pinto bean etc)
1 lb. rice

So that is the list, depending on where you shop or if you make your own soap, this list should be fairly inexpensive. Make sure that you put a date on each item 12-30-09 so that you know when you purchased it and rotate it. Please remember that you should not buy items that you and your family do not already eat. You also need to remember that these items should be stored in what I call an in house grocery store. Your storage is not something that you fill and never touch. No, it is something that is slowly being built up, while you use from it.

I believe that a problem for many people is not grasping the notion that we are not storing up goods to leave alone. I believe that one should be storing up goods to help one in a crisis, or something economically devastating, but use them. If I were regularly buying only for the week, this should change to buying for the week, while stockpiling items that you already use. If toothbrushes go on sale stock up(a toothbrush should last two-3 months, so don't over load on an item that you may only need 5 per person).

I pray that those who visit here understand that having storage to get one over a crisis is critical. I pray that those who stop by go to the store and buy a few extra items for the times ahead. We are crossing into uncharted territory(as many economic forecasters have stated) and therefore the comforts we find in our corner grocery may not be there as readily or as cheaply as we have grown accustomed to.

Happy New Year

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