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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have been deeply reflective for the past few days, pondering one word~why? You see alarm bells and common sense have fallen away. We are in the epic battle for a way of living that has granted freedom to so many and hope to so many more. Yet doubletalk has won.

We are no longer discussing if we should have government run healthcare- nope...we gullible Americans are concerned now only if abortion should be covered. The snakes did a bait and switch and the conservatives have allowed themselves to be pulled in.

How dare we? Hasn't the blood of those before us meant anything?

How dare we? We have fallen like everyone else. You know how? By justifying our actions. I do this because. I do that because. So when the Left justifies we cave as we have lost our foundation.

Stop waiting for something big to happen. Stop waiting for a crisis to happen.

It already has.

We all have been too busy to realize it. With climategate we realize that we have been lied to for a long time, yet many, even preppers will discuss the planet and how we need to care for it...you see the bait and switch occurred and we were just trying to be good citizens.

With everything going on it is hard to keep up on events... it seems like each day we have something else that the government is doing. Perverting our children? Check- have you removed your children from public school? No, because of justifying. I am tired of how we all cannot understand that the battle is not in how much we have in preps, but how the government has stolen the next generation- and we sent them, all nicely tucked in a bright yellow bus.

It is over.

So now what? I received an email confirming what I had read over the weekend about what our children are being taught. Now I am pretty naive on things of this nature, because I choose not to read about perverted sexual behaviors. I get people have sex with animals, and do abhorrent things to eachother- I do not need to read anything else. But dear friends, when the government is teaching YOUR CHILDREN fisting, and you allow them to continue to go to school I have lost my zeal to share anymore.

Jen, it does not happen at my children's school. ???? Are you trying to cover your shame or do you really believe this? I am sorry if this comes off as harsh...but we need to prep in all areas of our lives. Our children need to be taught- and who better than you? Do you want them to hate Christopher Columbus? Do you want them to read about Kwanzaa and not Christmas? Do you want the children to have school supplies with the Obama logo and campaign motto on it? Do you want your children to praise our president like Christians praise God? Jen, my kids don't do these things.
Are you sure?
What can you do? Please do not be angry at me because I wrote these things. Our public schools are not quaint places to send children to learn their ABC's...no it is a place where an agenda of the Left has reigned for decades. Your children have been taught to be good little people. Questionnaires are given often that never reach home, all about mom and dad, and what you may have at home. Have you ever fought? The Left desires to create America's youth- and they are against you. Public school separates the family unit and now promotes anything but this unit. White males need not ever be promoted and capitalism is EVIL. My kids need a good job therefore they need a good education, is that what you are telling me(or yourself)? Because this is a sellout if I have ever heard one. My kids need the sports and extracurricular activities Jen. Why? How much do you spend so the little ones can play on a team? How much gas do you spend? How much do you spend eating out? Now, are you in debt? Then why? We must cease to pamper the children all the while driving straight into debt. Join city teams, the Y, or church leagues. None of these costs as much as it does in public schools. We have allowed this notion that the children can play- then when they marry they are ill prepared to work as they played in gradeschool, played in middle school, played in high school, and played in college(I mean I wrote a final exam essay that was a blog- come on~) so then the adult is launched and has no clue that work is the key...and hard work at that.
Public school teaches that everyone is a winner. Not in my book...and I would love to challenge these kids in life skills- cause if it is me or a winner that never was taught how to lose, I am going to win every time. We need both sides, to drive us. We need our children to learn how to fail, as well as succeed.
The time is now.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! The unfortunate thing is many private schools are teaching the same things also. We too have made the decision to homeschool our kids because of the doctrine being taught in the school systems. It's like these kids don't get enough of anything. Clothes, sports, grades they don't deserve, etc... Our school district had a levy on the ballet and junior high kids (NOT HIGH SCHOOL) were outside holding signs promoting this thing. I was disgusted at how the principal would allow this. So yes, it is happening in ALL schools, but the parents don't see it because they have been indoctrinated also.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jen.
Do NOT step down, keep going. Kill the complacency.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty and passion.
You are right: it is time for ALL blinders to come off & for people to wake up on so many levels. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.
Donna in New Mexico

ckraus111 said...

Boy do I love the comments and information here. On a side here are a few events in NM that y'all might be interested in:

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Amen! What a great post!!!! I homeschooled my kids through graduation, so I know the value of it (and know the negatives of the public/private school systems).

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