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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rethinking Everything

The life of a prepper often means that one must rethink everything. This should not be seen as a negative- different is good in my opinion. For the past four years(it has been five since Bill's accident but he needed a year of recovery before returning to any kind of work) I have been sending homemade lunches. Instead of humdrum cold sandwiches, I try and create meals that Bill loves and that will recharge him while he is working. So this post is a photo sharing of what I made a week or two ago for Bill- and to give you ideas on how to save money in your life, so you can pay off any debt that you may have so that you are not weighed down so heavily.

If you don't have any debt than most likely you can use your money to shore up any prep items that you need or to maintain a vehicle or a roof(you get the idea).

Five meals cost me under $2.00~ each week. Pictured below is a taco meal that is simple, but Bill loves.

Corn torts toasted on the comal- once they start toasting I fold them in the shape of a taco shell.

My older brother(when he lived nearby) saved his TV dinner tray's because I new the minute I saw them that I would use them to send meals to work for Bill. I have about 20 of them! I cook the beans weekly in the crock pot over night. I start them around ten and then by 6 am they are ready. In addition to serving them in any meals I send with Bill, we eat them through the week. The taco has cheddar cheese on the bottom, seasoned ground beef- the sides are beans and a jalapeno.

I use the shower cap style plastic thingies to cover the meal. Believe it or not I wash these out and reuse them!

Then I stack the five meals and put them all inside a plastic grocery bag and freeze. In the morning I will grab one meal and send it with Bill. I also will send a homemade desert, water, tea or a fruit drink too.

Preparing meals in advance does take planning- in fact, I am browning some meat as I type this post for next weeks meals. But this time is well spent as you know what you are eating, and what hands touched your food. Please take the time to reduce the amount of time you spend on eating out, and put this surplus money towards storage.


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