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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday To Do List

This is a simple list: add food to your food storage.

Rice- 2lbs
flour- 5lbs
fruit-either dried or cans at least 2 bags of dried or 6 cans
vegetables-canned 6

Circle the actual expiration date on the food item- then write the date of purchase underneath. It is very important to rotate the foods in your storage.

As to Christmas- if you cannot pay cash for an item- DO NOT BUY IT. If you are in arrears on payments elsewhere-DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON GIFTS. Pay your debts. Sorry if this comes off as harsh but we need to start relearning or learning how to be financially responsible. Gifts do not make the holidays.

Ideas for Christmas- have a game day, where you have playoffs with the chart. You can play two player games like chess, checkers, ping pong, or mancala- then keep going until there is a grand champion.

Have a day of baking cookies- and actually decorating them the old fashioned way, without all the store bought falseness. Show enthusiasm and your children will too. Plot giving two dozen cookies to a neighbor and go and sing carols and deliver the gifts.

Have a day where you sit and do crafts or projects such as models with the family. It was fun when we were kids, but as of late the game systems, the computers, and the TVs take away from simple pleasures. Remember that models do not need to be store bought. I remember during the Stars Wars craze of the seventies, my brothers made Star Wars ships, that they hung from their bedroom ceiling, from shampoo bottles- and they were truly sharp!

Have a day where you plot with your children to make a gift for the other parent-even if you are divorced. The other parent may not be your spouse anymore but they will forever more be your children's parent. This will create so much respect from your child. Your action will speak so loudly.

Sit down and write a year in review with your family. Instead of embellishing it for those you mail it to, be true and document even the seemingly trivial things. Make a cover and then when you take down decorations leave this in the Christmas box. Each year read the previous years accomplishments, then add to them.

Make coupon books for each member of your family for something that you can do for them.

These corny ideas are only corny, because the media has played us like fools. If we do not spend money then we are poor, or someone will have a terrible day. This is not the case. If you have debt be responsible, and then you can give in a unique way which cost nothing at all. You can give of yourself...and to be honest the birth of Christ, leads us to the ultimate gift of One, as Christ gave all for us.

Don't forget to mark Thursday on your calendar- To Do: Add to food storage.
(c) Double Nickel Farm


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great ideas, Humblewife! Right on!

Survival Chic said...

Great post... would love a link if you would put me up on one of your blogs. I blog on preparedness and my farmstead. Check it out sometime....


I blog as Survival Chic

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