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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I need your help...

I have been busy for a few days and decided to come clean with my prepping blog friends! For the past 15 weeks I have been taking an on-line writing course as I am working on a book about my farm life and felt that it would help.

The problem was that I was required to participate in a community service project for up to 15 hours- boy I am none to pleased with the liberal notions of what will make a person community minded(instead of civilly minded).

Anyhow I had to write a final essay in any forum I choose to share my experiences that I had while performing my community service. Not for one moment did I change anything that I am already doing. You see, I write for prepping sites and have mini courses at the farm for those interested in learning the ways of my family and I on the farm. So I created a blog to share these tips. Please swing by and leave me some comments! I must ask that you not mention that you may *know* me, as I held back what blogs I have- I am guarded that way to protect my family. But as a humble request I do hope you will swing over and say something!

Oh and my brother caught a terrible thing I did on the blog- see if you catch it- I did not do it intentionally and am a bit embarrassed that it happened- innocent as it is.(don't mention it there but come back here and tell me if you see my terrible mistake)

Living Frugally

Thank You All!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Not sure what the above comment has to do with your post, maybe crass commercialism? Sorry to have missed the Frugal blog till now, but I did comment there. Keep it going.
As far as mandated volunteerism goes, if it's mandatory then it isn't volunteer anything. Simple slavery.

Humble wife said...

YOF- I agree about mandated volunteerism. It appears that making students perform community service is big on our campuses now. So much for the survival of mankind! Oh and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I deleted the first comment- it was spam for sure.


Kymber said...

Jen - i loooove the fact that you chose blogging as your form of essay - that's awesome! i have read through all of the posts and they are wonderful - kudos girl! if you think its worth anything, i can leave a comment on your first post acknowledging your contribution to the CPN and we can get AP to do the same for the APN...let me know.

as for mandatory volunteering - huh? wha? those words cancel each other out no?

now please - i have been through all of the frugal posts a couple of times - what was the terrible thing that you did????

Humble wife said...

kymber -email me it is too bad to share- as I am embarrassed!

BTW- this made me very angry this mandatory crap of community service...no wonder the country is the way it is.

Kymber said...

Jen - email has been sent! and oh yes - the mandatory voluntary thing made me angry just reading about it!

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