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Monday, December 28, 2009

Prepping Humor From the Younger Preppers

One of my sons told me this today and I knew I needed to share it with the Preppers!

If the world ends in 2012, I would have spent my whole life in

It is always important to get a broad perspective of any and all things that may occur, and the thoughts of fellow family members. Ironic that the fear in this above quote is non existent, and only an observation about what a waste something was. Perhaps we could take something from this little gem: Are we wasting our time on things that, if the world were to end are full of it? Now I am not suggesting that we give up hobbies or things that offer us a bit of relaxation. I am only thinking about the things that are absolutely zero for what life is about. Sometimes this makes me think about when we lived in Nevada, and folks would commute 100 miles(one way) to Las Vegas for the big paying jobs- every day. To me from the outside, that seems to be a waste. Is the money that great? Is the commute worth it on the vehicle? Is the commute worth it on the relationship one has with his or her spouse or children? To me I could never see that work out as a positive in my head, but I must remind you that my thoughts about what is wasteful are mine, please take this post as a time to assess things in your life based on your needs, wants and goals.

Happy New Year in case I don't see you all again until 2010~

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